Here are a few tips for making the process as simple and productive as possible:


  1. Solid colors photograph the best.

  2. Dark colors are flattering and slimming; however, black is not always the best color. Consider wearing deep shades of gray, brown, green, teal, purple or navy.

  3. Avoid colors that are too close to your skin tone.

  4. Iron your wardrobe. Make sure that all clothes are ironed and pressed before the shoot. Wrinkles are difficult to Photoshop out.

  5. I have created a Pinterest board ( ) with great outfit coordination options. Please check it out!


  1. If you typically wear glasses, I recommend you wear them for your portrait. Please remember to clean them before the shoot. Don’t worry, we will be shooting with and without them on!


  1. Makeup can enhance a portrait by defining your features. If you don’t typically wear makeup, consider a light application for the photo session.

  2. Remember to bring hair products and a brush or comb for any last-minute touch-ups.