DeAudrea 'Sha' (pronounced Shay) Rich, owner of RICH METHODS, LLC, is a natural light, portrait photographer. She is currently based in Richmond, VA where she graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and BS in Creative Advertising from Virginia Commonwealth University.


My Story

Sha got started in 2010 as a self-taught artist, drawing portraits of prominent figures and strangers.

She works to create a loose interpretation of a wall in a home. The intention is that this “wall” serves as a site of resistance. This wall is a place where she can choose the images she is surrounded by, the images she wants to highlight, and the images that she wants the world to see more of.

The images she creates explore ideas of pain, pride and dignity: aspects of life that she wishes were more mainstream.

Sha wants to inspire people to take control of the way that their narrative is being told. Her work serves as a means by which she can fully participate in the production of images.

My Mission

She focuses on inclusive and authentic visual storytelling. Her work demands that we look at ourselves with new eyes, that we create oppositional standards of evaluation.

She intends for her clients to see themselves represented with full diversity of body, being and expression.

Every story is unique and she does a consultation with each client before the session so that she can be trusted to document your story with honesty, artistry, and distinction. Your photos should and will represent you authentically and simply.



My Vision

Art is a habit of the intellect, developed with practice over time, that empowers the artist to make the work right and protects him . . . from deviating from what is good for the work. It unites what he is with what his material is. It leads him to seek his own depths. Its purpose is not self-enhancement, his having fun or feeling good about himself. These are byproducts. It aims solely towards bringing a new thing into existence in the truest manner possible. It is about truth and, as such, has to do with ultimates and, as such, posits self-sacrifice and consecration.

This passage by Nell Sonneman specifically addresses the work of the artist Martin Puryear, yet it names a philosophical approach to art making that shapes the way I think, dream, feel, and imagine art. - bell hooks