I got started in 2010 as a self-taught artist, drawing portraits of prominent figures and also strangers.

I work to create a loose interpretation of a wall in a home. My intention is that this “wall” serves as a site of resistance, a place where I can choose the images I am surrounded by, that I want to highlight, that I want the world to see. The images I create explore ideas of pain, pride and dignity: aspects of Black like that I wish were more mainstream.

I intend to aspire people to take control of the way that their narrative is being told. My work serves as a means by which I can fully participate in the production of images of my people which is why it is important that I am behind the camera when my people are the subject and it is also important that I screenprint the final product of all of my images using a four color process or one color process.

I got here by asking myself what I care about most at that very moment. My response always boils down to caring about how the narrative of my people is being presented. In the future I hope to continue this work around providing a counter narrative for my community.

“All I ever want to do is make me and my community feel comfortable about who we are. This is our homebase. Let’s build it up. Let’s be happy about where we come from. Instead of trying to assimilate and get a pass key to where they’re at. Not to say that everything needs to be separate but we need to find pride in ourselves first.” Tupac Shakur